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The Great Northern Hotel, Cheers Ali for everything!

The Drunken Poet, Cheers Siobhan for many a long night

New Zealand:

The Hop Garden, What a man James, gave us taps to get started!

Hashigo Zaki, Good man Dom for trundling beers up to us!

Bar Edward Jess you are a champion Cheers for the Logo!


Bad Monkey Bar and Brewery Best bar in the world, Wild times!


Taps Craft Bar  Now thats a great way to spend an accidental night in KL after one to many shit beers in the tin shed airport and missing a connection!


All The breweries are linked to from our Drinks Page

Six Barrel Soda Co – Ha Ha Take that Coke!

Regional Wines  – Running beer at the drop of a hat. Cheers JP

Victoria Court Motel – Cheers Chris & Reese for unending support!

August Cafe – The only way to pry the eyes open in the mornin’

Sinha Brewery – If you are ever in Sri Lanka turn up at this brewery for a tour. We were shown around by the head of international development, who was bewildered by two hairy bearded lads turning up. He gave us a lovely glass of Milo & sent us packing. Great stout though!

 Ninja Flower – For all your hole punching needs.